Want to know exactly how well a campaign performed? Want to see every phone call, web lead, appointment and even track who visited your showroom from the campaign? UpDash does all this and more. At IAM, we believe in complete accountability. That’s why we use UpDash!

WINBIG.IO is an interactive prize board we use in conjunction with UpDash to make your event a memorable experience for your customers. In the past, event companies relied on printed prize boards. With we have multiple interactive ways to award a prize to customers in your showroom and gather important information during the process.


Even without a campaign running, managing the phones at some dealerships is a challenge. When a campaign is running it can make it even more challenging due to the influx in phone calls. Wasting leads over the phone is something you just can’t afford to do. We’ve built a call center that can assist you while a campaign is active. We’ll answer the phones, gather important information, set an appointment and then notify you instantly. Watch the video to the right to see how it works.



IAM HQ is a live sales log that we use to track all of our events across the country. IAM HQ tracks key data for each of your events and will help us not only be more organized, but also help us use historical data to make the best possible marketing decision for your future events.


We have limited availability. Book early to reserve your sale dates!