About Us

IAM is a closely held company with a relationship oriented culture. Chances are if you are visiting with us online today, you were referred. We have shaped the growth of our company based on the strength of our people and results. Our analytical approach to marketing is focused and measurable. For these reasons, our advertising products generally get more efficient over time.

IAM’s founding core team members represent some of the very best car guys in the business, and having worked together for over 20 years. Mike Stopperich (IAM President) began his career in the car business in 1983 and over time held positions from Sales Rep to General Manager. Mike also managed a large Orlando based resort to more than $100 million per year in annual revenue. He was directly responsible for all marketing and sales operations, leading over 300 employees for more than 10 years.

During Mike’s tenure, company revenues grew nearly 400% until his departure in 2006. With his passion for the car business, he returned and immediately recognized the value found in staffed sales.


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