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Greetings and thank you for stepping into the world of IAM, where decades of direct mail expertise converge with a relationship-oriented culture. As a closely held company, we pride ourselves on fostering meaningful connections and delivering results that stand the test of time.

Decades of Experience, Diverse Verticals: With roots embedded in the essence of direct mail, our journey spans across multiple verticals. Over the years, we have honed our craft, delivering impactful campaigns that resonate with audiences in various industries. Our commitment to excellence has established us as a trusted partner for businesses seeking proven results.

Relationship-Oriented Culture: At IAM, we value relationships. If you've found your way to us today, chances are it's through a referral – a testament to the trust and satisfaction of those we've had the privilege to serve. Our company's growth is not just about numbers; it's about the strength of our people and the enduring partnerships we build.

Analytical Precision, Measurable Results: Our approach to marketing is both analytical and focused, ensuring that every campaign is strategically designed for success. We believe in results that are not only impactful but also measurable. This commitment means that our advertising products tend to become more efficient over time, providing you with sustained value.

As you explore IAM, envision a partner that goes beyond traditional marketing. We invite you to join us on a journey where experience meets innovation, relationships are the heartbeat of our culture, and every campaign is a testament to the power of direct mail.

Ready to shape your success story? Let's embark on this journey together.

Targeted Mail with a Personal Feel

Elevate your direct mail strategy with IAM, where the future meets the timeless art of connection. Our targeted campaigns redefine personalization through the seamless integration of technology and the authentic charm of handwritten notes produced by robotic pens. Picture reaching your audience with meticulously crafted messages that adapt to the preferences of each recipient, capturing attention and resonating on a deeply personal level. Efficient, elegant, and impactful, our approach marries the efficiency of technology with the enduring allure of handwritten communication. Craft moments that last in a digital world, as our robotic pens leave a tangible and memorable imprint. With sophisticated analytics, measure the success of your campaign and refine future strategies for maximum impact. At IAM, we're not just delivering messages; we're creating unforgettable moments in every note. Ready to make your message stand out? Let's craft a campaign that leaves a lasting impression

Captivating Impressions: Crafting Unforgettable Marketing

At IAM, we redefine the art of marketing by going beyond the ordinary to create extraordinary moments. Our mission is clear: to make your brand stand apart by crafting unforgettable experiences that evoke laughter, inspire hope, and foster genuine connections. In a world where generic messages abound, we understand that your direct mail should be more than a delivery—it should be an emotional journey. From personalized ties that make your audience feel seen to campaigns that spark laughter and instill hope, we are here to fuel your growth through meaningful connections. Ready to embark on a marketing journey that not only impresses but leaves a lasting impact?

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Hanwritten Notecard2

Personalized Handwritten Notecards

Our notecards are more than a message—they're moments crafted with care. Whether you're extending warm greetings, expressing gratitude, or connecting with clients, our unique touch ensures your communication stands out. With outstanding response across diverse industries, our notecards bring a tangible and heartfelt charm to every message. In a digital age, choose the timeless elegance of handwritten style notecards from IAM and elevate your connections.


Our journey spans diverse industries, each contributing unique insights that fuel our ability to craft exceptional campaigns. From retail automotive and insurance to the dynamic realm of politics and various home services like roofers, plumbers, and HVAC specialists, we've immersed ourselves in the nuances of each sector.

Our experiences have provided us with a profound understanding of consumer response, buying behaviors, and the essential elements that drive brand loyalty. We don't just accumulate data; we translate it into actionable strategies that deliver tangible results.

At IAM, success isn't a one-size-fits-all concept. Instead, it's a meticulously tailored approach grounded in performance metrics and proven outcomes. Our cross-industry expertise allows us to build campaigns that resonate specifically with your audience, ensuring that your marketing strategy aligns seamlessly with the unique needs of your industry.

Join us on a journey where the collective wisdom gained from diverse industries becomes the cornerstone of your success. At IAM, we turn experience into a dynamic force, propelling your business toward growth and distinction.

Ready to elevate your marketing strategy with insights that span industries? Let's embark on a tailored campaign designed for your success.


Good Morning Mike ... just want to circle back now that our IAM Event at the Nissan store has concluded. Thank You so much for working through all the details to get the event planned for the last 5 days of Nov and first 5 days of Dec... and for bringing the "A" team to our dealership. The event was successful... and most importantly, served to re-energize our staff & leadership teams. It was a great learning experience for everyone and helped us shake off the Covid Coma and get back into the Retail Car Biz. Thanks Again Mike... and hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season

-Owner AH Auto Group

We were referred to IAM in 2010 and after meeting Mike and his sons here at the store, we decided to schedule a sale. We were not really sure what to expect for results and how well my team would like sale. After 25 sales in the past 7 years, we have done over $200K gross profit most of the time. The business was clean and funded immediately. My sales team loved it and we ended up having record months! We all pick up new sales techniques learned from IAM’s slowed down, patient sales process. IAM’s team was courteous to our customers as well as our sales and support staffs. It is a pleasure to have IAM on board, sharing their skills and leading us down a path of success. The team from IAM exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend any dealership, looking to improve their skills as well as sales numbers to consider using their services.

- Vermont Ford Dealer

What an extremely pleasant experience. Through our 6 years of sales together, our events continue to average over 50 deliveries and $200K in gross, I can truly say that IAM under promised and over delivered. Having done many of these sales with other companies in the past, I thought Mike was giving me good lip service when he said his teams are different from what we have had here in the past. I was wrong. I can’t say enough about the team they sent us for the week; the business was clean and most importantly the character level of the team was high. I’d hire any one of the guys to work at my store. I’ve already scheduled out events for 2016. We found our long-term partner and look forward to all of the future success with IAM.

-Vermont Subaru Ford Dealer

I never considered doing a staffed sale until IAM was recommended to me during a 20 group meeting in 2012. I was reluctant to consider doing sales again based on a bad experience a few years ago. Now after my first 20 sales with IAM, I couldn’t be happier. My sales are averaging over 300 customers, and IAM’s team does a great job controlling the traffic in an orderly and efficient manner. The sales team is clean cut, professional and knows how to make car deals. During IAM’s September visit, our sales generated over 88 deliveries and $394K in gross profit, which led us to an all-time record month. More important to me, all deals were clean and funded without issue. Probably like most dealers, I didn’t do sales like this based on the quality of the staffed sale companies out there, but I can say without hesitation, these guys are top notch! I have found my long term partner with IAM.

-New York Ford Dealer

We have done sales with IAM for 5 years. In December, we had an 11 day holiday sale. The sale finished at 102 units delivered producing $557K in gross profit. This was our third sale that brought in over $500K in gross profit. Our 6 day IAM sales average over $250K gross profit. Our customers are happy and the sales teams are very professional. IAM is a great company and we could not be happier with the relationship.

- New Hampshire Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Dealer

IAM is a one of a kind company. I’ve known Mike for over 25 years and trust him like my family. California is a tough state to get it right and they do. We always get a lot of customers and my in-house team gets pumped for the sales. I would not allow another company in my store. IAMs sales team is top notch from top to bottom. We’ve done over 30 sales with IAM since 2007, and they’ll continue to play an important part of our operating plan.

-California Chevrolet Dealer

Before doing business with IAM, we did staffed sales with a lot of other companies and had mostly bad luck with results. In 2006, we did our first sale with IAM and since have done 38 more consecutive events. Not all have been home run sales, but we make money with each sale. The sales guys are top notch, write clean business and treat my guests well. I get a lot of calls from sale companies, but will only use IAM.

- Wisconsin Subaru Nissan Kia Dealer

IAM is a Class Act. I am impressed with whole company. The sales team was great. The salesman were not offensive, nor did they pressure or upset my customers. Compared to the other 4 staffed event companies I’ve used in the past, IAM is by far the best. .

-Ohio Chevrolet Dealer