IAM takes pride in offering a cutting-edge, seamless dashboard that brings Live Call Center, IVR, Web Forms, and Text Functions all in one easy-to-use portal. Capturing, tracking, and managing opportunities has never been more efficient. Our intuitive dashboard, designed for simplicity and ease of use, provides all the tools and resources you need for direct mail success. Navigate effortlessly and enjoy the convenience of real-time access to your opportunities. Seamlessly integrated with automotive CRM tools, our dashboard ensures you can collaborate seamlessly with your BDC and Sales team. IAM's integrated dashboard—where success meets simplicity.

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IAM Response Dashboard


Welcome to IAM's cutting-edge Response Management Dashboard—crafted for functionality and ease-of-use. Our utilitarian approach ensures you get everything you need and nothing you don't. Consolidating leads from Call, Web, IVR, and Text into one central, streamlined location, our dashboard simplifies the complexity of response management.

Real-time collaboration is at your fingertips as you seamlessly push leads to your CRM tool, enabling dynamic engagement with your BDC or Engagement Team. Our dashboard isn't just a tool; it's your strategic ally in maximizing campaign efficiency.

Explore various on-board reporting functions that empower you to swiftly identify in-market buyers or gather response data to enhance the potency of your next campaign. IAM's Response Management Dashboard—a catalyst for streamlined success in the world of direct mail.


At IAM, we understand that your expertise lies in face-to-face sales. That's why our Live Call Center is designed to empower you with the tools and resources you need to focus on what you do best—selling. When you embark on a direct mail campaign with IAM, your phones will ring, creating a surge of potential customers that even the largest dealerships find challenging to manage on-site and over the phone.

Our Live Call Center steps in seamlessly, giving you the time you need to engage with active customers while ensuring potential customers receive a stellar first impression. IAM's agents are meticulously trained to navigate the intricacies of automotive products, whether it's Credit, BK, Buyback, or Contest Mailers—each with its tailored process and script, guiding prospects towards appointments.

Never miss another opportunity, even after hours. IAM's Live Call Center operates 24/7/365, ensuring every opportunity is captured, tracked, and reported. Partner with IAM for a direct mail experience that not only generates leads but maximizes your potential for successful conversions.

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When the budget doesn't stretch to accommodate a Live Call Center, IAM's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) steps in as your cost-effective ally. Seamlessly integrated into your direct mail strategy, IVR serves as a 24/7 virtual assistant, providing potential customers with an immediate and interactive response.

Even on a limited budget, IVR enables you to capture leads, gather valuable information, and guide prospects towards the next steps in your sales process. IAM's IVR ensures that every call is handled efficiently, enhancing the success of your direct mail campaign without compromising quality.

Maximize your reach, engage potential customers, and elevate your direct mail success with IAM IVR—a budget-friendly solution that doesn't compromise on impact.


At IAM, we recognize the diverse ways consumers prefer to engage, and our Webforms are tailored to enhance response opportunities while expanding response options. Designed for each campaign type and goal, our Webforms provide a seamless and comfortable way for consumers to connect.

Utilizing a custom QR code, we've streamlined the process, delivering consumers straight to our response app with speed and ease. Whether it's Credit, BK, Buyback, or Contest Mailers, IAM's Webforms ensure that every response is captured efficiently, maximizing opportunities and creating a user-friendly pathway for engagement.

Experience the power of customized response options with IAM Webforms—an innovative approach that ensures your direct mail campaigns resonate and connect with consumers on their terms.

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