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After 2 offsite events with a different company, I wanted to have a sale at my store. Still hesitant on the team, I was approached by IAM. They sent me a list of 40+ dealer references/testimonials and flew out to North Dakota to visit with me personally. It seemed to be a good fit. After the first day of our event I was convinced I made a great decision. They integrated well with my team and I received a great deal of feedback from customers in my community on how enjoyable their overall experience was during the time of the sale. We delivered 50 vehicles! I just finished booking my events for 2015 and look forward to having another great sale in May!

North Dakota Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram Dealership - Owner

I never considered doing a staffed sale until IAM was recommended to me during a recent 20 group meeting. I was reluctant to consider doing sales again based on a bad experience a few years ago. Now after my first 8 sales with IAM, I couldn’t be happier. My sales are averaging over 500 customers, and IAM’s team does a great job controlling the traffic in an orderly and efficient manner. The sales team is clean cut, professional and knows how to make car deals. Our recent sale generated over 88 deliveries and $394K in gross profit, which led us to an all-time record month. More important to me, all deals were clean and funded without issue. Probably like most dealers, I didn’t do sales like this based on the quality of the staffed sale companies out there, but I can say without hesitation, these guys are top notch! I have found my long term partner with IAM.

New York Ford Dealership - Owner

What an extremely pleasant experience. For 2012 my sales average 500+ ups, 51 deliveries and $224K in gross. I can truly say that IAM has always under promised and over delivered. Having done many of these sales with other companies, I thought Mike was giving me good lip service when he said his teams are different from what we have had here in the past. I was wrong. I can’t say enough about the teams they send us; the business was clean and most importantly the character level of the team was high. I’d hire any one of the guys to work at my store. We found our long term partner and look forward to all of the future success with IAM.

Vermont Subaru Dealership - General Manager

We were looking forward to recouping revenue missed during a sluggish time this year. We were referred to IAM and after meeting Mike and his sons here at the store, we decided to schedule a sale. We were not really sure what to expect for results and how well my team would like sale. Our first sale resulted in 541 customers, 44 units delivered for over $192K in gross profit. During the week of Hurricane Sandy, we bested our prior results by delivering 52 units for $218K gross profit. The business was clean and funded immediately. My sales team loved it and we ended up having record months! In addition to making money, IAM’s team provided my sales team with valuable skills enabling them to increase their customer base and revenue from those customers. We all picked up new sales techniques learned from IAM’s slowed down, patient sales process. IAM’s team was courteous to our customers as well as our sales and support staffs. It is a pleasure to have IAM on board, sharing their skills and leading us down a path of success. The team from IAM exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend any dealership, looking to improve their skills as well as sales numbers to consider using their services.

Vermont Ford Dealership - General Manager

Never having done a staffed sale before, a good friend of mine recommended IAM to me and man I have been blown away ever since. We are a family owned company and protective of our reputation in the community. We are in a small market and I never imagined the thought of seeing over 500 customers in our showroom over a 6 day period, but that’s exactly what happened. It never seemed too hectic because IAM’s sales team handled the traffic smoothly and organized. Their professionalism exceeded my expectations. My customers were treated with so much respect that some hugged IAM’s sales reps before leaving. All the deals were clean and tight and funded without issue. Our first sale together generated $212,547 in gross profit. We are excited about the results and look forward to our next sale with the guys from IAM.

New York Ford, Subaru Dealership - Owner

During my 22 year tenure here at the dealership, I have never allowed a company to come in and run an event at my dealership, that is until launching our relationship with IAM. I met with Mike and his sons January 2012 and quickly believed they were different. They were sincere, informative and offered a different approach to an event sale. We have done several sales so far averaging over $180K gross profit per event. I can say without hesitation choosing IAM has been one of the best marketing decisions we’ve made in long time. IAM’s teams run a very tight ship and make sure all my customers are treated with the utmost respect before, during, and after their experience. They are world class gentlemen and I look forward to my next sale with IAM.

New Hampshire Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram Dealership - General Manager

We never considered a staffed sale until one of our lenders recommended Mike Stopperich and IAM. I was a little nervous at first, but can say confidently they are awesome! Our first sale started in blizzard February 2010. 5 days and 3 feet of snow later, we saw over 600 ups and did $119K in gross profit. Since then, we have had 12 more sales, averaging over $160K in gross profit per sale. The team is great! If you’re considering a staffed sale, you won’t find a better company!

Vermont Used Car Dealership - Owner

We had never done a staffed sales event until the summer of 2010. Several new car dealers I know have reported great grosses from these events, yet almost every discussion included adverse observations about the sale. The problems most dealers reported, in my mind, outweighed the benefits. After receiving the unsolicited recommendation from a trusted vendor, we contacted Mike Stopperich at IAM. Mike took the time to stop in, review his philosophy, marketing materials and discuss any concerns we had about hosting a sale. We can sum our sales up in one number – 100%+. Mike’s team is professional, worked well with our staff, treated our customers with respect and most of all made the event fun. By the way, the gross from the sale didn’t hurt either. We are averaging over $170K in gross profit per sale, for our first 7 sales. Our previous two sales have resulted giving away a 2012 Chrysler to a lucky winner and finishing with $209K in gross profit. We look forward to continuing our long term relationship with IAM.

Vermont Hyundai, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram Dealership - Owner

Our group has done 19 sales with IAM. Mike Stopperich holds his management team and sales people to a higher standard and gross is never a concern. The marketing is the most effective I’ve seen in a long time. We are averaging almost 600 ups and 45 to 50 deliveries during our sales. Our most recent sales have been the most profitable so far! Over the past 12 years, we’ve used a lot of sales companies, but have found IAM and its people to be the best.

Vermont Honda, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai - General Sales Manager

In my 49 years in the car business, I’ve not met a better group of guys. Since doing our first sale in 2006, Mike Stopperich has been upfront and does what he says. My management team has a lot of respect for the sales team and looks forward to our IAM sales. Their guys are like family up here. Transaction quality is good, our deals get funded and business sticks. We have booked nearly $6 million in gross profit during our 37 sales with IAM.

Washington Nissan Dealership - Owner

It is against my personal belief to recommend a vendor to another car dealer, but I am more than happy to do so for Mike Stopperich and IAM. I have had numerous sales with them since 2007 and we could not be happier. Most of our sales have done more than $200K gross profit. All of our deals get funded, customers are happy, grosses are $4,600.00 a copy, and everything sticks. It even helps my sales mangers learn how to desk a deal properly! I also seldom have aged inventory when they leave. IAM is not your typical company, they are the real deal!

Ohio Ford, Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Kia, Hyundai Dealership - Owner

After using 4 or 5 other event companies, IAM is the only one I would ever consider writing a testimonial for. IAMs operators know how to deliver a lot of profit without creating a mess. We’ve done direct mail and staffed sales together since 2006 and find IAM to operate on a higher level compared to the other companies we used in the past. One of our recent sales produced over 800 ups, 138 deliveries, including 68 new vehicles, and $345K in gross profit. IAMs transaction quality is good and we do not have funding or customer service issues after any of their sales. My sales staff and management team love having IAM here. I can say with certainty, we would not use another company.

Ohio Kia Dealership - General Manager

Before doing business with IAM, we did staffed sales with a lot of other companies and had mostly bad luck with results. In 2007, we did our first sale with IAM and since have done 38 more consecutive events. Not all have been home run sales, but we make money with each sale. Our last sale finished at $317K in gross profit on 698 ups and 78 deliveries. The sales guys are top notch, write clean business and treat my guests well. I get a lot of calls from sale companies, but will only use IAM.

Wisconsin Nissan, Subaru, Kia Dealership - Owner

Over the past 13 years, I have used a lot of staffed sale companies with mixed results. I switched to IAM in 2007 and have not looked back. We celebrated our 20th sale together with record results. We finished with 46 deliveries and $151K gross profit. Mike Stopperich operates IAM on a much higher level compared to the other companies we used in the past.

Indiana Honda Dealership - General Manager

I have done sales with IAM since 2007 and would not consider using another company. We are a small store in a small market and I had concerns about how my customers and employees would be treated. IAMs sales people treat my customers with respect and my staff enjoys having them back each time. I generally start each sale with 75 to 80 used cars. My results are always good, delivering 35 to 40 units during our sales and do not have post sale customer or funding issues.

Missouri Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram Dealership - Owner

IAM is a one of a kind company. I’ve known Mike for over 20 years and trust him like my family. California is a tough state to get it right and they do. We always get a lot of customers and my in-house team gets pumped for the sales. I would not allow another company in my store. IAMs sales team is top notch from top to bottom. We’ve done 23 sales with IAM since 2007, and they’ll continue to play an important part of our operating plan.

California Chevrolet Dealership - Owner

Great group of guys! We’ve done sales since 2007 and I can always count on IAM sales to produce 30 to 45 days worth of gross profit during our 5 day events. I trust them with our guests as well as with our lenders. My in-house managers and salespeople learn new desking and selling techniques from IAMs team which have helped us deliver more units at higher gross profit averages between our sales.

California Kia Dealership - General Manager

We had not considered a staffed sale until friend and fellow Chevrolet dealer referred me to IAM. I then spoke with a few of our lenders, who, quite frankly, gave me really good feedback on IAM and the quality of the transactions done during their sales. Now after finishing our sixth sale, I couldn’t be more impressed. We average nearly 600 customers to our showroom during the sales, but it never seems too chaotic. During our last sale, we delivered 65 vehicles and did over $260,000 in gross profit. IAMs sales team is polite, professional and very patient with our customers. The grosses were very good and all deals were done before F and I and the business stuck. I can’t wait for our next sale.

California Cadillac, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Mazda Dealership - VP

These guys are rock stars. The team was great. We’ve done sales with other companies in the past and IAM is by far the best. They are adaptable. They showed us various selling techniques. We learned a lot.

New Hampshire Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Ford, Kia, Nissan, VW Dealership - Owner

I have partnered with IAM for several years doing staffed sales. My sales are averaging about $250K per visit. Based on the success of our February 2014 sale, I’m hoping we average closer to $300K per sale for the year. Before we partnered with IAM, I was very concerned about an outside sale company/team operating here in my very small market. I have been overwhelmed at how “small town” IAM conducts themselves. My customers are treated with the utmost respect. IAM’s staff has gone above and beyond to make my office, service and sales staff comfortable. Each time we have a sale, I see my own staff raise their game. You won’t find a better group of people.

New York Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Cadillac, Buick, GMC Dealership - Owner

After months of consideration and 4 sales, I can confidently say that doing business with IAM was the best decision I’ve made as a GM. Being in a small town with a great reputation, I was extremely skeptical to bring in a team of guys I didn’t know. Mike and his father made a site visit to my store and after spending some time with them I felt confident that their teams would match their moral and ethical integrity. After 4 events with IAM, there products have produced 2,000+ customers, 200+ vehicles delivered and $1 million+ in gross. Most importantly, I’ve had no issue with integrity of the team, deals being funded or with customer satisfaction. We’ve actually adopted some of their practices which have in turn made a more efficient sales process, increased closing conversions and increased our average gross per copy. Not only does my staff love it, but I receive multiple phone calls after events on how great of an experience customers had.

Florida Kia Dealership - General Manager

It’s been difficult to find a company and a team that I feel comfortable bringing in to my store. After multiple recommendations, I chose IAM and in the first hour of the first sale I knew I found exactly what I was looking for. I would hire each of them top to bottom. They were clean cut, professional, treated my customers great, the business was clean and most importantly the sales are highly profitable, more than doubling the results I was getting from my former staffed sale company. I would recommend them to any dealership.

New Hampshire Chevrolet, GMC Dealership - General Manager

It is against my personal belief to recommend a vendor to another car dealer, but I am more than happy to do so for Mike Stopperich and IAM. I have had numerous sales with them since 2007 and we could not be happier. Most of our sales have done more than $200K gross profit. All of our deals get funded, customers are happy, grosses are $4,600.00 a copy, and everything sticks. It even helps my sales mangers learn how to desk a deal properly! I also seldom have aged inventory when they leave. IAM is not your typical company, they are the real deal!

Ohio Mitsubishi, Kia, Hyundai, Ford, Nissan, Honda Dealership - Owner

I’ve done over 30 sales with other companies, and have to say IAM’s staffed sales team is without a doubt the most professional I have seen in my career.

Alabama Toyota, Scion Dealership - General Manager

I was very hesitant at first doing staffed sales because I was worried about my reputation, and how my sales staff would respond. After doing several sales, I am still amazed at the incredible amount of traffic IAM’s sales draw to my showroom. I am even more impressed with their results. My sales are averaging nearly $260K in gross profit for each 5 day event. The business is clean and deals get funded without issue. My sales staff looks forward to having them come back on a consistent basis. I get solicited from many staffed sale companies, but would only consider using IAM. They are a fantastic group of guys.

Maine Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram Dealership - Owner

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