Mail Assurance System

When an automotive direct mail campaign is time-sensitive – and when isn’t it? – prompt delivery of your pieces is paramount. That’s why we are proud to offer our Mail Assurance System.

What is it? Our Mail Assurance System is a multi-step process that tracks a mail campaign from our facility all the way to the target’s mailbox. By deciding which zip codes are best suited for local post office delivery and which are better sent via regional sorting facilities, we are able to accurately predict when the direct mail pieces will be in each and every target’s home. Plus, we work with the sorting facilities and USPS professionals every step of the way to ensure prompt delivery.

Finally, we keep you informed on the campaign’s progress by generating daily reports on delivery confirmations and sending them directly to your inbox. This allows our clients to stop the worrying and start the selling!


Direct Mail Campaigns

Hate Late Mail?

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